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QC Spa Bath

QC Tidy Spa

QC Spa Bath

Doodle Pricing

Doodle pricing – due to the time and attention Doodles take we have separate pricing -. Please ask if you would like an exact price after we see your dog and the condition of the coat during drop off

Royal Treatment Package

(Add on Treatment to any QC Spa Package: $20)

Additional Add On's

Extra charges that could apply:

There will be a charge of $10.00 daycare fee for 6+ hours in our facility. This includes a potty break and lounge area time.

Matting Charges – apply to dogs heavily matted all over or in specific places that need extra attention to remove

Handling Charges – are added when extra help is needed for completing the grooming process due to age, temperament and stress levels of pet.

***The Big Floofs” are by priced at 75.00 an hour. Price depends on size, coat type, hair condition. We will give you a price during drop off after a consultation- (Examples: Samoyeds, Newfoundland’s, Malamutes, St. Bernard’s, Great Pyrenees)


About Us

In the summer of 2017 Sara and her husband and business partner Thomas had their grand opening of their first pet spa in the heart of the historic 4th Ward neighborhood in Uptown Charlotte.

Sara Eaton a Charlottean, started styling in her garage with small clientele. In 2013 she started her business in a training facility where she provided all the dog grooming services wile escalating her skills in dog training and behavior. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Monday-Friday 8am-6 pm you may park any free space behind our building. The signage is confusing. Saturday- Parking behind our building is limited. Please park on the side of 10th Street in the 2 hour parking. The parking here is still very close to our pet spa.

$10.00 same day cancellation reschedule fee, $20 no call no show fee 1st time, second time clients must pre-pay.
1.00 per minute late fee later 6:00 M-F
Sat 5:00

Tarter can start to form on your pet in about 1 year. Regular tooth brushing is recommend for maintenance on plague and bad breathe. Professional vet dental cleaning is highly recommended every couple years on younger healthy pets. With our peanut butter flavored toothpaste and breathe spray your canine is sure to love having their teeth brushed!

We take cash, check, Venmo (@saraeaton) or all major credit cards for a 2.00 processing fee

A DeShed is the removal of Dead hair (shedding). We use a special conditioner to loosen the hair. From there we blow the hair out with a dog blow dryer. We then rinse and lather them in an oatmeal soak for ten minutes. Then we rinse again & blow out. The DeShed process removes up to 80% of dead hair. If the shedding hair stays in the coat it can cause skin problems such as hot spots, dandruff and Itching.

We patiently work with your puppy on bathing, getting use to the dryer, nail clipping/filing, CLIPPER SOUNDS, SCISSOR SOUNDS and learning to stand on the grooming table with our professional positive training techniques. We recommend 2 Puppy Trims BEFORE A FULL haircut.

A medal comb (greyhound/ poodle comb) will be your dogs coats best friend. Long coated and fluffy coated dogs need to be combed out often to remain tangle and mat free. Often times pet parents just use a brush. The difference between a comb and a brush is the comb gets all the way down to the skin, where as a brush gets the top coat and misses the tiny tangles especially in the face, ears and tail.

A Slicker brush is the best all around brush. I like Miracle Coat brand the best but any slicker brush will do.

For questions or to book an appointment, give us a call at (704) 451-5030.

Contact Us

Phone: 704-451-5030

Address: 626N. Graham St. Charlotte. N.C. 28206